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Axalta Survey: 20% of Mexican Auto Buyers Prefer Red Cars
Red Cited as Being Vibrant, Powerful, and Strong
Millenial Mexican Auto Buyers Interested in Two-Tone Cars

Mexico City, May 21, 2019 - Axalta (NYSE: NYSE) today released results of its first National Automotive Color Preference Survey in Mexico, which will become an annual color trend guide for the automotive industry.

Axalta’s 2019 National Automotive Color Preference Survey showed that 20% of Mexican vehicle owners  preferred red cars, and more than 50% of the states in Mexico included red among their top 3 color preferences.  Axalta’s Survey also highlighted that two-tone cars are gaining popularity, with 22% of respondents saying that they are open to experimenting with color combinations, particularly among millennials (ages 25 to 35 years).

“Axalta is excited to offer the auto industry important data on color preferences that we believe will help identify the needs for automotive consumers in this region,” said Antonio Macias, Technology Director for Axalta Mexico.  “Our first annual National Automotive Color Preference Survey in Mexico showed red as an emerging color choice among car buyers due to its vibrancy, as well as because of the power and strength it exudes, particularly in sports cars. We also saw an emerging trend and openness to two-toning among millennial consumers.  These are two interesting data points that can help the auto industry get ahead of consumer preferences and drive sales.”

Red is a traditional and symbolic color in the Mexican history, since it was a distinctive tone for pre-Hispanic cultures obtained from the cochineal bug (grana cochinilla), to create paints for codices and murals, and to dye clothes and feathers.

The survey showed that even though red is gaining prominence, white remains the color choice for car owners in Mexico and around the world, which is consistent with Axalta’s 66th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report. This can be due to several factors, such as that it is a highly reflective color, as well as it repels heat better.

While white is and has been a popular color worldwide, the study appears to support that there is a trend to colors that convey richness and strength such as Sahara, Axalta’s Color of the Year, a color primed for vehicle customization. This golden bronze tone can serve as the principal color for two-tone possibilities, which as shown in this survey, is gaining popularity among younger Mexicans.

“Our first National Automotive Color Preferences Survey in Mexico reinforces Axalta’s leadership position by being a partner for our customers, whether they are car manufacturers, dealerships or automotive repaint workshops in one of the most important markets for Axalta globally,” stated Macias.

Axalta is the first company in the coatings industry to launch a survey targeting the Mexican market with the main purpose of analyzing the true desired vehicle options that people want to see the next time they go to the dealership. This new extension of color research, on top of the annual Global Color Popularity report that documents the percentage of vehicle colors sold, is used throughout the industry. Since 1953, Axalta’s reports have served the automotive industry for decision-making, investments and development of new technologies.


  1. Survey coverage: One thousand surveys distributed throughout the Mexican Republic.
  2. Implementation period: March 2019
  3. Demographic data: Men and women (50%-50%), older than 25, car owners.
  4. Format: On-site and via digital questionnaire.


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